The Power of a ‘Thank You’…

Thank youWe all appreciate thanks and verification that we’re doing a good job – or even just some good – whilst going about our day-to-day, ordinary lives.

Now and again, it comes back to repay us. And when it does, it can feel incredible.

As days go, I’ve excelled myself today. I scored a hat trick…

Firstly, a good friend of mine (who I rarely see) reminded me how much just a five-minute catch up means to her. Crikey – if even that snatched, briefest of conversations can make such a difference to somebody’s day, then how amazing is that? By my reckoning, I could make a hell of a difference to LOTS of people’s days just by being bothered enough to have a chat with them… for five minutes. I can spare that.

Secondly, my new website went live today. I received such lovely feedback, and one message in particular really touched me. A friend – an old client of mine actually – posted:

“Shamelessly plugging this BEAUTIFUL lady’s website. One of my most favourite people with ‘get up and go’ and an inspiration to many through just about any walk of life! Love you lots Rachel…”

Wow. I haven’t seen this particular friend for a good few years. Yet, that is what she thinks of me. And it meant such a lot.

…And finally. I run and manage a project up at a very special place in North Halifax. The Centre at Threeways is a hub of positivity and possibility. The Volunteer Plus project I run – alongside my partner-in-crime Dave – is intended to give individuals who are out of work the skills, confidence and belief they need to get back on the horse, and back into the workplace.

This afternoon, one such individual – who was on our very first V+ course back in Summer 2014 – came in to see us… to say thank you. From a place where he once barely had the confidence to even look us in the eye, where he questioned his right to take up even a square inch on this crazy planet – he found himself, and he found his worth. He discovered that he had skills, and that he was valuable, after all. We knew this of course, but he took slightly longer to figure it out. Even better, on the back of spending the best part of a year with us at Threeways, he eventually found a job. Not just any old job but a really important job. He is now a Support Worker for adults with learning difficulties. He told us today that he’s now tasked with running group dance sessions, even karaoke and massage classes for the groups he works with! This coming from someone who previously struggled to say his name out loud – let alone jump on the karaoke machine.

Dale – we are so proud of you, and we thank you for being so generous as to thank US for doing our job.

So, in conclusion, let’s all say THANK YOU a lot more… it really is the small things that can make such an incredible difference.


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