The Story of an Unlikely Runner… The Beginning


We are all so much more than we allow ourselves to believe. The labels we are given, or the ‘boxes’ in which we find ourselves can – and should be – transient. They don’t have to define us. We can rewrite the label – break out of the box. Create a brand new, improved version of us which is who we really are – who we really want to be.

I know this because I did.

From a place where once all I saw were the gaps – my own inadequacies, flaws and shortcomings, I created and eventually learned to see a version of myself who was all the things I never believed possible. I became visible – most importantly to myself. As a baby deer (I realise this is actually called a ‘fawn’, but let’s not be precious) is born and can barely stand on its pathetic, spindly, rickety legs – so was my self-worth. Uncomfortable to watch and witness the struggle, whilst willing it to stand and take a brave step forward. This is the very same, fragile basis from whence I came.

I’ve always admired those who appear to be so self-assured, confident, and whose default position is to assume they ‘can’…they ‘are’…(fill in any appropriately positive adjective here). Those who stand firm and unwavering – who take their place in the world without intrinsically questioning their right to do so, not instinctively wanting to shrink or hide. But my relationship and growth through running has taught me this: that it is possible to learn how to take your place in the world, to feel able to stand upright, with confidence. I have learned to appreciate and value my own worth and myself.

My struggle is my story.

This is not a do-gooder’s account of her own perceived (ahem) ‘greatness’ in any sense – it couldn’t be further from the case. Nor is it an egotistical pat on the back, to relish in my own gloriously humble achievements. To be either of these would mean I have learned nothing, but instead only continued to seek others’ validation and approval, which I’ve already wasted too many precious hours / days / months – cumulatively years – of my life mindlessly chasing.

Granted, I am very proud of my own personal running achievements, but this is about so much more. I’m actually far prouder of the fact that every day I’m learning to be a happier me – someone who is learning that I am simply enough. The freedom and confidence running has given me in making life choices which may have seemed incomprehensible at one time, but were actually possible. I have the right to choose my own path, and I have the right to be free. And most importantly, I am able to share my journey, my own story with others.

We may well have a lot in common…


8 thoughts on “The Story of an Unlikely Runner… The Beginning

    • Thanks for your lovely message. And of COURSE you can do it. Did you see the photo of me at 16 years old?! I couldn’t run for ten minutes. Your Edie kept me and Gav going in Dubai too. Any help you need, just ask. Any time. xx


    • If you want to DM me your email address, I’m happy to give you whatever advice I can! Right now I’d say increase your mileage steadily and start to book a few races in to get used to the whole race thing. A half marathon would be a good idea before a full – there will be loads of options before October, and a couple of 5k and 10ks … also don’t worry about pace right now. Stay steady and focus on deep breathing whilst you begin to up the distance a bit xx

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  1. Hi Rachel
    I just read your entire book today on a flight home to Boston from Manchester! As a fellow runner, I’ve run to cope with life pressures as well as just for the joy it brings. What started as a way to lose weight post pregnancy, has lead to 40+ marathons and ultras. Your story is as relatable as it is honest. Thank-you for sharing. See you at VLM one of these days!

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    • Hi Tovy. Thanks for your message. When you say “book” I’m assuming you mean my back catalogue of blog posts? I only say this as my ACTUAL book comes out on 11th Jan, so only a matter of days away, now. I’m pleased you can relate to much of my story, and thanks for the very kind comments. I’m running Boston marathon in 2018, so maybe see you there rather than London?! Happy new year to you x


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